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Why Not You? Why Not Now? Stop Settling and Start Living Your Signature Life


It was another cold morning in December. I drove down Irby Street on my way to work at a local middle school, for what must’ve been the 80th time. This time though, something was different. As I passed by Roses department store, I realized I could probably make as much money stocking shelves as I did shaping young minds in the classroom. I came to the realization that the profession I chose, the one I always thought I’d love, the one in which I obtained my degree, the one that had me following in my mother’s footsteps…just wasn’t for me.

I’m Certainly Not The Only Person Who Has Ever Been Unhappy At Work.


On that day, though, I decided that I would not remain unhappy, that I was going to make a change, and that the sooner it took place, the better. Soon after, I informed the school’s principal that I wouldn’t be coming back next year. It’s probably important to note that I didn’t know where I was going or what I was going to do for a living, but I knew for sure of the one thing that I wasn’t going to do – settle.

Thankfully for me, in my role as an advisor, I still spend much of my time teaching – it’s just a different subject. Over the past week or so, I’ve had several people ask me what makes Signature’s team different from other firms who “do what we do.” My answer is simple – our goal is to help you reach your goals. A prime example of the difference hit me when I was recently flipping through a magazine. One of the financial ads had a man working on his craft and declaring, “Because someday my vision will take shape.” The ad went on to say, “Every someday needs a plan.” Do me a favor, wherever you are – in a doctor’s office, the store, your living room, wherever – raise your hand if you really want a plan for someday. (Ok, if you’re in the grocery store, don’t raise your hand – that’s creepy…but you get the point.) We founded Signature on the basis of helping people live a life made up of moments that are rare and special – we call it a “Signature Life” – one that’s unique to you. If you were going to build a plan for your Signature Life, would you want it to start “someday?”

As I drove my car almost twenty years ago, I made the decision that I didn’t want mine to start someday – I wanted it to start NOW. That’s the spirit of Carpe Diem that we bring to the planning process – we want you to seize the day. We don’t want you to build or plan your Signature Life, we want you to LIVE it. So that all sounds good and well, but how can you actually make it happen?


Determine Where You Are… Really.


This isn’t the time to lie to yourself! What’s your work situation? How old are your kids? Do you have money saved up and if so, how much? How much do you spend? You get the idea.

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Determine Exactly What Makes Up Your Signature Life


Define your ideal life – now and later – and be specific. Do you want to work less? Do you want to work differently? How long do you want to do it? Are you spending as much time with your family as you’d like? Is there anything that you’d like to do to serve your faith community? Do you want to give back to the community or give away to loved ones? The possibilities are endless and they’re not all about financial goals!


Decide If You’re On Track. If Not, What Has To Change Immediately?


Chances are, something could be better (even if that something is doing what you want with less risk involved). What is it that could improve? More importantly, what are you going to do now that you know it needs to change? I’m not saying these steps will allow you to do everything that you want right now (we’re not magicians after all). I am saying, though, that you can make decisions to immediately get one step closer to living your Signature Life and we can help you get there.


Time is ticking. Why not start living, and why not now?


If you have questions about how to turn the life you have into the life you want, please be sure to contact us.







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