Women’s Worth Alliance

Women's Worth Alliance

Women will own two-thirds of all wealth in the U.S. by 2030.

Yet…80% of women investors refrain from talking about money with people close to them, citing reasons like it’s too personal or uncomfortable or simply not wanting people close to them to have that knowledge.2

We believe the money taboo is a long-standing, harmful reality in our culture. It leads to errors and disputes, patterns of ignorance, mistakes, inequality, and fear and anxiety for women.

The New Face of Wealth is Female. Old ideas about wealth and affluence are fading as we break through societal boundaries.

Independent, educated, and ambitious, we are participating in the economy at higher rates, controlling a bigger share of personal wealth, holding more seats in Congress, and leading more major companies than ever. As our influence grows, so does our impact on the economy.

We each have our own money story and unique journey to success and retirement, but we all share one thing, a fierce desire for financial stability and a secure future. As a member of the Women’s Worth Alliance, you will get: Access to a diverse network of women to gain new financial, personal, and business support and perspective. A forum for practical and resourceful financial wellness discussions with professional, like-minded women. Resources to enhance your understanding of financial planning and investing in order to improve your decisions and avoid mistakes. Exclusive invitations to private events, education sessions, live trainings and more.


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Women are Redefining Wealth

Women now earn more bachelor’s degrees than men
in a market that values college education. In law schools, women have been the majority since 2015. In medicine, women broke the 50% mark in 2019.

Women control about 40% to 45% of personal wealth, a Credit Suisse report concluded, and this figure continues to rise. 6

Private companies owned by women contribute about $1.9 trillion to the American economy and employ more than 9.4 million people. 7

Boston Consulting Group projected that this year, women are expected to control $72 trillion (32%) of global private wealth. 8

Representation Matters
Meet some of the women leading the way to financial freedom through storytelling.
Watch as they tell us of their struggles, their triumphs, and their unique journey to success.

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We're here to cultivate a network of women.

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