Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

The closer you are to retirement, the closer your advisor should be.

As you approach retirement, your priorities will shift, and new concerns may crop up. Your plan should shift as well, from one focused on generating returns to one designed to help provide income and preserve wealth while keeping pace with inflation.

You’ll want to give consideration to maxing out your retirement contributions, thinking through rollover options, and creating strategies for income distribution. Your advisor can help you transition into retirement by estimating when you can expect to retire, and map out an exit strategy well in advance of that date.

It’s also time to begin developing a sensible plan for how you’ll spend money in retirement. Your advisor can help you navigate government benefits such as Social Security and Medicare to help ensure you receive the most benefit and to integrate them into your overall retirement income plan.

Retirement Planning

Some other retirement considerations to think through:

  • Caring for an elderly parent
  • Assisting adult children
  • Consolidating your investments and accounts to simplify cash flow management
  • Planning for healthcare, long-term care, and emergency expenses
  • Having a will and incapacity documents
  • Discussing your wishes for estate distribution and charitable giving

Mind the Gap

At times, a retiree’s reliable income is not enough to cover essential expenses, be it due to unexpected economic factors or rising costs of living. This leaves the difference between income and vital expenses. Retirement assets should be allocated to fill this gap.

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