Signature Wealth Strategies Celebrates 5 Years of Expansion across the Southeast

Signature Wealth Strategies Celebrates 5 Years of Expansion across the Southeast

Florence, South Carolina, February 5, 2021 — Signature Wealth Strategies (SWS) is marking its fifth anniversary this week by recognizing the dedicated service of its employees and branch offices and by taking time to reflect on the massive growth that the company has experienced since its inception in 2017.

Formed with one goal in mind- to build an advisor-led company that allowed those advisors to focus on clients rather than back-office operations- SWS now manages more than $1.7 billion in assets and operates 12 branches across three states in the Southeast.

“Signature was born out of the belief that every client, their lives and their future goals are unique and require individualized attention. Above all, we wanted to build a company that really honored that belief and that allowed us to embrace innovative ideas about creating new services and experiences for our clients,” said Signature Wealth Group Chief Executive Officer, Chip Munn.

“Frankly, we felt constrained in our old world. We felt held back from giving our very best to clients, and that just wouldn’t do. We decided that if we wanted the game to change, we needed to change it,” Munn continued.

“It has always been our vision to build something that provided the best possible experience for our clients and that gave us the freedom to help craft plans tailored for their specific lives, situations, and desires. We believed that finances, investments and wealth-building simply shouldn’t be treated as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ experience,” he said.

Over the past five years, SWS has grown from a team of 8 employees to a team of 48.

Included in the staffing additions were two veteran national executives in the financial services business who joined SWS in January of 2019. Bary Dedge serves as Chief Operating Officer of Signature Wealth Group and Gary England serves as the company’s General Counsel.

In recent years, SWS set an organizational focus on sustainable growth by partnering with carefully-selected practices that were looking for a framework, team and support system to allow them greater flexibility and focus for their advisors and clients alike. 

“It is a testament to the quality of service that Signature Wealth has to offer, especially in challenging times like this, that attracts the professionals that we do,” said Signature Wealth Group Chief Operating Officer, Bary Dedge.

“In a recent podcast, we spoke about Signature Wealth ‘showing up.’ In doing so, we continue to redefine the advisory service model, using the latest technology to connect with our advisors and our advisors with their clients,” Dedge continued.

“Signature Wealth’s communications and touchpoints, being exclusively virtual, have been enthusiastically welcomed by our clients. Our webinars and virtual client events have been increasingly attended by advisors and clients alike. Only by continuing to push the envelope and consistently improving our services using technology, will we be fortunate enough to attract more top advisors,” Dedge said.

Over the past five years, SWS opened an office in Charlotte, North Carolina where industry veterans help clients meet their goals each day, another office in Spartanburg, South Carolina that focuses on first-generation entrepreneurs, an all-female team in Lexington, Kentucky that focuses on female executives, several group offices along the North Carolina coast and an additional offices in Hickory and High Point, North Carolina.

“What we know is that as we build a community of advisors, we have a vast number of years of education, experience and insights to pull from to best serve our clients,” Munn said.

“If one advisor runs into something that’s new, there’s someone in our community who has handled it before. And, although each of our advisors in Florence had 20 years or more of experience, it’s always nice to be able to lean on other professionals who can give you a different point of view. We truly believe that life’s a team sport and we’re better together,” he said.

Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services are offered through Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc. Signature Wealth Group is not a registered broker/dealer and is independent of Raymond James Financial Services.


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