Now that you have mapped out your vision of the most rewarding retirement imaginable, it’s time to turn this utopian landscape into a bit of a Monopoly game board. Your life of leisure, adventure and fulfilling dreams will come with the normal limitations of life. Your resources – time, finances, fitness – are not inexhaustible. In addition, obstacles may arise when you land on the unpredictable square of Chance.


Limited resources and unexpected obstacles are the two biggest reasons for mapping out a retirement plan. Time is out of your control, except in the respect that you can choose how you allocate your allotted hours, days and weeks. Your fitness level offers you a little more control. Healthy choices will work in your favor both in fitness and sometimes even in adding to your time bank. Your financial resources may seem the most finite; but, when wisely managed, they can be expanded and conserved to better serve your priorities and give you the best of all that you hope and dream for the future.


These are the things we’d rather not think about, but need to consider in making a realistic plan for the future. By planning for the possibility of these unexpected situations, we can transform obstacles from stationary roadblocks to detours that only slow you down rather than bring you to a complete halt in your retirement plan.

What are some of the obstacles you might encounter?

  1. Loss of a partner.
  2. Physical illness or disabilities for yourself or your partner.
  3. Assisted living or long-term care facility costs.
  4. Changes in insurance or financial resources.


While none of us knows the future, we can certainly expect that obstacles will “pop up.” But there’s good news – knowing what you want in terms of passions, people and place dramatically increases your ability to succeed. The idea of developing a comprehensive plan can sound intimidating, but there is a simple strategy that can help. Seeking an outside perspective from an experienced financial advisor.

As your financial advisor and retirement coach, it is our job to provide you with strategies that can help you achieve your goals. The decisions are still yours to make. In addition, we won’t just hand you a play book; strategies often need to be adjusted mid-game. We stay with you for the long haul.  We’ll be there to guide you through adjustments and to remind you of the goals you have set and why.

Give us a call. We love being part of a winning team.

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About Chip Munn

Managing Partner, SWS Senior Wealth Advisor, RJFS Chip is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Clemson University, where he earned a degree in education and was selected as an Academic All American by USA Today. He began his career in finance as a financial consultant with Wheat First Union in 1998. He specializes in retirement and education planning and the transfer of wealth among generations. Chip lives in Florence with his family. Follow Chip on LinkedIn.