In the last two articles, we’ve explored what your passions are, the things you’d like to do and experience during your retirement years; we’ve given consideration to the people and relationships that you want to be a part of your life to share those experiences. Now let’s look at place. Where will you live and what kind of home or homes would fit best in your vision for the future?

The expectations for place can be as varied as passions and people. Consider some of these options and which ones appeal to you and fit with your vision for the future.

  1. Staying in your current family home as long as possible.
  2. A summer home and a winter home in different parts of the country.
  3. A city home and a country retreat.
  4. Full-time or part-time RV living.
  5. Downsizing.
  6. Moving closer to family members.
  7. Caring for elderly parents in your home or theirs.
  8. Shared housing with a friend or relative.
  9. Assisted living or a senior living community.

You may see yourself living in more than one of these places, particularly as time progresses. You might start out traveling full-time in an RV for a few years and then decide you need a change to something more permanent. Life changes in the people who are important to you or in your own circumstances may dictate changes regarding place. Write out what you see as the ideal for the immediate years ahead and then further into the future.

Financial Coach

Professional sports are a big business. But although many of the individual athletes are paid millions of dollars, no team owner would put them on the field without a coach. Even professional golfers use swing coaches. Coaches are important because they offer two things that are very valuable: perspective and accountability.

That’s our role. We can provide a broader perspective of the options available to you. We’ve studied the obstacles facing individuals entering retirement and have delivered game plans to our clients to help overcome those potential roadblocks. We’d love to be considered for a coaching position for your retirement. Contact us to set up a free, and no obligation consultation to see if we would be a fit.

Look for our next article in our Roadmap to a Rewarding Retirement series where we will discuss the obstacles, as well as the resources and solutions to be considered as you plan for your retirement years. Or download our Reaping a Rewarding Retirement Workbook today.


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