Richard B. Megorden II, CLU

Legacy Advisor, SWS
Wealth Advisor,

How do you empower your clients to live their Signature Life?

I encourage them to save/invest first and then play with what’s left not the other way around. I try to make market volatility so real that when a downturn occurs they expect it and view as normal. I try to warn them it is going to happen. I show them that different asset classes move in somewhat predictable patterns and show them how this is being employed to reduce shocks. I stress that we have done everything we can to understand their risk tolerance and to structure the asset allocation of their portfolio to not go beyond this point. I stress that they should stay put when the market drops and not cut and run. I make sure they know the market has always recovered to above from where it fell.


What does your life look like outside of the office?

My wife, Kitty, and I reside in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina, where we enjoy having both a daughter and granddaughter nearby.


What can you tell us about your professional journey?

I began my career in March of 1968 with the Ding’s Agency of Connecticut Mutual Life. I became an agency supervisor in 1972 and six years later began my investment–counseling career with Connecticut Mutual Life.

I specialized in investment planning and served as a Series 7 registered representative of Integrated Resources Equity Corporation. In 1990, I began laying the foundation to operate as a registered investment advisor of CP&S/Russell Advisors. In 1991, I co-founded CP&S /Russell Advisors, the first Frank Russell Company advisory office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In 1970, I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BA in History, after earning honors in his major both his junior and senior years. I received my Chartered Life Underwriter Degree from the American College of Life Underwriters of Bryn Mawr, PA in 1972.




Fly fishing is Richard's great joy and he is passionate about sharing it with others. He loves helping others learn the craft and hearing about a great fish they caught on one of his flies.




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