Consulting in Retirement, When Leaving the Workforce Doesn’t Mean Quitting Work, With Gary England

Consulting in Retirement, When Leaving the Workforce Doesn’t Mean Quitting Work, With Gary England

Join Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS as he interviews Gary England, General Counsel and Human Resources Consultant.

Gary considers himself “an HR guy who went to law school”, rather than a lawyer who sometimes focuses or specializes in Human Resources. Gary’s focus his entire career has really been on people, from the very beginning. Gary began his career in private practice for a few years and then transitioned to be in-house with Barnett Bank in Florida as their ‘Employment Counsel’. Gary has always been in the financial services sector, providing a specific skillset with his knowledge and ability to serve as a specialist in both areas of HR and law.

Gary ‘retired’ in June 2018, and after taking “a few weeks off”, had a conversation with Chip and learned there may be a place of need for him in a consulting role within Signature Wealth.

When Gary began the process of stepping away from the more corporate structures, he began to for the first-time really recognize how much of his personal identity came from his career and profession. Gary had made all the proper plans and was fully ready ‘on paper’ for retirement, but in just a few weeks he felt strongly that it just wasn’t ‘for him’ (at least not yet). Gary enjoyed and missed the challenge of his work.

Chip often discusses the concept of ‘retiring from’ vs. ‘retiring to’. For Gary, he wasn’t ready to simply ‘retire from’ the boardroom. Instead, he found a way to ‘retire to’ a new, refreshed approach at his career which he loves, as well as increased flexibility that allows him to commit more of his time to personal passions and his community. Gary believes that his career, hobbies outside of work as well as his community engagement are all “very connected”. In enjoying a remixed retirement, Gary believes that having the ability to be more active in each of these areas has created new opportunities and connections for him to pursue.

Tune in to episode eight of The Retirement Remix now to hear Chip and Gary discuss:

  • What has been the hardest part of dealing with his first ‘trial retirement’ as it relates to the ego? 
  • Some of Gary’s favorite outlets outside of work to build connections and engagement.
  • What it was like for Gary to move cross-country after leaving his nine to five.
  • The biggest differences Gary has noticed since leaving the corporate world and embrace his own path.
  • How to recognize that you may be in the ‘wrong’ business environment (and how to find an environment that may be a better fit for you).

The goal of The Retirement Remix Podcast is to engage in real conversations with real people about how we actually retire.

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*Any opinions are those of Gary England and Chip Munn and not necessarily those of Raymond James. This information has been obtained from sources considered to be reliable, but we do not guarantee that the foregoing material is accurate or complete.
Source: Chip Munn, Award Winning Advisor https://onwallstreet.financial-planning.com/slideshow/top-10-regional-advisors-under-40  *Each year On Wall Street ranks the highest-producing advisers in wealth management who are under 40. Several hundred candidates were considered and 10 were chosen to receive the award. Finalists had to be no older than 39 as of Dec. 31, 2015 and be employed at a major, leading regional brokerage firm. Trailing 12-month production as of 9/30/15 is then used to compile the ranking. AUM may also be taken into account. The ranking may not be representative of any one client’s experience, is not an endorsement, and is not indicative of advisor’s future performance. Neither Raymond James nor any of its Financial Advisors pay a fee in exchange for this award/rating. On Wall Street is not affiliated with Raymond James.


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