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Save time & money when you hire
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7 Questions You Must
Ask Your Financial Advisor

Are You a Fiduciary?

A qualified financial advisor is called a fiduciary, meaning that they are legally obligated to act in your best interest on advisory accounts.

How are you compensated, and what is my all-in cost?

Advice fees, transaction fees, expense ratios: be sure to ask for a breakdown of all services and fees.

Who holds my money, and how will I view my accounts?

Your advisor should use a major third-party custodian to hold investment/retirement accounts.

Who do you specialize in working with?

The right expertise for your specific needs is key, be sure they've helped other clients with similar needs.

How long have you been advising clients?

An experienced advisor should have many years as a licensed advisor and currently be serving many clients like you.

How do you adjust your planning style to the varied needs of your clients?

You deserve an advisor who renders advice not based on the “average” lifestyle of all retirees, but someone who will listen, learn and personalize their advice based on your unique needs, wants and goals.

Can I see a sample client portfolio?

Review a sample portfolio of the advisor's work to see things for yourself and understand their investment philosophy.

Choosing a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make.
Don't risk overpaying now just to have a stressful retirement later. Don't be afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions when you meet with your advisor. Their job is to serve you.

Ask Us Anything!
We're here to answer the important questions.

Signature Wealth Puts Your Needs First - Period.

We put our client's needs first.
Our advisors are obligated to put our clients' interests ahead of their own on advisory accounts. We offer financial advice based only on what's best for you-not what might boost commissions.


Simple, transparent fees.
Our management fee is structured as a flat percentage of your investment portfolio's value - only increasing alongside your investments. You'll always know what to expect.


Planning with confidence.

Our advisors help you define your ideal end goals, then make sure you are on the appropriate path to get there. But a great financial plan doesn't focus only on retirement. We believe the journey should be as enjoyable as the destination, so we take other things into account as we develop your Signature Life Plan.

Ask Us Anything!
We're here to answer the important questions.

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