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It doesn’t take much convincing for me to go to a good concert or music festival. I enjoy good, live music. As much as the music, though, I enjoy the people – people are typically happy around live music – and happy people are my favorite kind.

Most of the time, I’m just a people watcher. I find it curious how people interact with one another and I enjoy walking around in relative anonymity. If you think about it, it’s pretty fun to watch happy people.

This weekend, I made an exception to my people watching preference. Trish and I spent Saturday at the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival in Charleston. Amongst the booths of jerk chicken, ribs and fried mac and cheese, we found an apparel booth that really caught my eye. I stopped in and bought a hat and t-shirt and went on my way, but as we walked through the other booths, I felt drawn back to the LivinLifeMan tent.

I had a chance to meet one of the owners of the company and while I liked the hats and t-shirts, I really loved the message that the brand represented. The owner told us the story of his co-owner, Alex Sanders, who had a very successful career in construction prior to the financial crisis of 2008 and who had all of the material things that a young man could ever want. Needless to say, you can imagine what happened to the construction business in the Charleston area in 2008…and Alex lost it all.

I’ve heard people who were going through a tough time say things like, “I’m just livin’ life, man.” Alex turned that phrase into a company. Rather than sulk about his predicament, he turned his desire to live life in a positive motion into a clothing line and, along with help from his friends, LivinLifeMan was born. The company’s merchandise is available for sale at several stores throughout South Carolina and is also sold online at LivinLifeMan.com. The brand is not in stores in Florence YET, but if you read this and you own Naturally Outdoors or Salty’s and you’ve been looking for a sign…(cough, cough) – THIS IS IT.

We founded Signature Wealth Strategies on the idea that every client lives a life that is unique to them – a Signature Life. I think Alex and his company share a similar notion. I hope you’ll check out their site – who knows, maybe someday I can get some t-shirts made that combine the messages – LivinSignatureLifeMan!

Be well!


Raymond James is not affiliated with LivinLifeMan


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