sws_headshot-jenna chidwick

Jenna Chidwick, 

Marketing Coordinator, SWS
Client Service Manager, RJFS

How do you empower your clients to live their Signature Life?

I am the Client Service Manager for the Charlotte team, in this role, I support our client's day-to-day needs. I am also the Marketing Coordinator for our team, where I support our advisor's digital and tech needs and manage our online presence.


What can you tell us about your professional journey?

I am a recent graduate from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and a concentration in Business Administration. I was awarded The Leadership and Service Gold Award for completing more than 120 volunteer hours and held the position of Treasurer for the Snowboard Club while in college. Additionally, I advanced my skills in the workforce in advertising/business with various internships over my four years.

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