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A Commitment to Longevity

Signature Wealth Group is on a mission to grow a highly engaged, community-focused company that supports a balanced lifestyle for our advisors and their teams. We're an intimate and intentional advisor-owned, advisor-led wealth management group dedicated to providing an outstanding private client experience... together.

While others in the finance industry struggle with advisor shortages and erratic markets, we tune out the noise
and focus on our people.

By the Numbers


Serving Clients

since 1970. Founded in Florence, SC, our founding partners began expansion through the Southeast in 2016.


Team Members

20 Senior Wealth Advisors, 13 Wealth Advisors, 2 Relationship Managers, 8 Leadership Executives, and 17 Client Service Associates



served. We've proudly served many families for generations.
*as of 12/2023

community opportunities



Small advisor groups are hosted at private properties in go-to destinations across the Southeast to share and learn from each other, in a laid back (and always fun) environment. Time well spent.

Signature Wealth UNITE 2023


Signature Wealth's annual conference is an intimate experience carefully curated by our executive team in a unique environment catered to our team members each year.

Jay Accetturo


Our advisors meet monthly and engage daily in an internal private chat environment that allows them to collaborate on business plans, team building, and investment opinions in real time.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our priority is doing for you so that you can do for your clients. You, the advisor, are our highest valued client and our number one priority.

Our Approach to Transitions

Your transition timeline is a minimum of 90 days from commitment date to join date, when you'll welcome clients. Our transition lead will walk you through each step of this process as you navigate various consultants, orientations and systems. We have expert help available for:

Legal + Business Setup

Risks may arise during the transition of your business. We strive to help you setup a new business and move your client accounts effectively, efficiently and legally.

Real Estate + Office Setup

Transitioning to an independent business owner can be overwhelming. We guide you through market research, navigating office space, negotiating leases, and even picking out furniture.


Situations may arise that uncover issues that necessitate additional Compliance, Registrations, or Operational requirements. Timely responses and close communication are crucial to help avoid delays and compliance missteps.

Benefits + Compensation

As an independent business owner you choose how you'll handle payroll, insurance benefits, bookkeeping and accounting. We're here to guide you through your options and best practices.

Marketing +Communication

Understanding your unique business goals, niche services, and local market allows us to set you up for success with a business that resonates with your community. Our goal is to establish YOU as the stand-out local expert.

Client onboarding

You and your team are accountable to your clients, communications, and account transfers. You are their first line of contact. We are here to guide you through those communications with resources, and hands-on support.

Our advisors thrive

Matthew Thiel, MBA
20 years at previous firm
Team size: 5

After 20 years at one firm, I was institutionalized. The idea of doing something different terrified me. There's no way I would've gone independent without their support. Raymond James and Signature are proactive in supporting me and my business. Each year here, I find I'm stepping closer to my true self. Raymond James gave me the freedom, and Signature gave me the encouragement, support, and love to help me understand what an ideal practice is to me. I'm more fulfilled in my work and business than I've ever been.
Michele Compton
27 years at previous firm
Team size: 3

Joining Signature Wealth was the absolute best decision of my life. I believe I work with some of the best people in the industry. This team reaches out and helps me better myself. Chip Munn has helped me define what is best for me; he selflessly works to help make ME better. And then he follows up and holds me accountable. In the last six months, they've helped me make a big change in my career that I'd been putting off for years! It's great to work with a team that I now consider my friends and family.
Sean Bokhoven, AAMS
16 years at previous firm
Team size: 3

Coming from a corporate firm, I (thought) I wanted to go solo. I was ready to do my own thing, but once I met the folks at Signature, I realized I didn't need to recreate the wheel. They've already built the engine - the compliance, the marketing, and even legal. To have the CIO, CEO, and legal team on speed dial is phenomenal. Most places charge you for this kind of access. We have monthly calls, quarterly in-person masterminds and an annual company event... there's as much camaraderie and community as you want. You couldn't be farther from being on an island at Signature.

Not sure if you're ready for a move?

We strive to reduce overwhelm in your decision to make a change. If you’d like to know more about our partnership opportunities and practice solutions book a confidential call with our team today.