Financial Planning and Wealth Management for Physicians throughout the Southeast

Identify the unique threats to your income, assets, and livelihood. And then get experienced help to navigate them.

It's likely that while you are serving patients, you miss some of the opportunities available to you. Making it difficult to move from high-income to high-net-worth while protecting your future income and your family.

When you know what to look at and plan for, you build a holistic financial plan that works.
We look at everything.


Tax Efficiency

Funding tax-favored retirement accounts ( 401(k), 403(b), etc.) and exploring investment options such as taxable brokerage accounts and real estate.


Insurance Coverage

The right insurance plans are a great investment; with them, you gain confidence and the assurance that you are working to build a better future. Without it, you could be risking your financial security.


Investing and Asset Growth

Determine the right accounts and asset allocation and identify specific investments to satisfy your target mix. In addition to monitoring your investments, we'll be there when life events call for adjustments.


Estate and Beneficiaries

Establish a will and estate planning documents (e.g. powers of attorney, medical directives, trust, etc.) to take control over the ways your wealth will provide for loved ones, business associates, or charitable organizations.


Retirement Planning

There’s so much more to retirement than simply not working. Retirement income, Social Security, health & long-term care, and longevity planning should all be considered. Our Signature Life Plan has you covered.


Benefits and Liabilities

From healthcare to pensions to disability and other programs, benefits are an important part of your compensation package and have a big impact on your long-term financial planning and financial health.

We Understand Physician's Needs

We admire your pledge to honor the relationships you develop with your patients; there's a bedrock of trust required to understand your patient's unique needs and create a care plan tailored to them. We’re committed to providing the same to you.

Layering risk management, wealth management, and asset protection strategies to achieve a balanced and optimized lifestyle for physicians.

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The doctors we know expect a financial advisor to give them what they give to others.
Personalized solutions delivered by someone they trust.
We're committed to providing the same to you.

physician meeting

If you've wondered about it,
we've likely helped a doctor with it.

We understand that your schooling and training are much more extensive than professionals in other disciplines. This delayed start affects your retirement savings. Eradicating the mountain of student loan debt from medical school can be overwhelming. We've helped many physicians just like you design a financial plan through all stages of their careers.

As a physician, your salary may increase commensurate with the demands of your medical career. And as you know, high earners pay a significant portion of their earnings in local, state, and federal taxes. You need a strategy that navigates your specific needs.

Building an emergency fund

Buying or building a home

Calculating how much life insurance to buy

Choosing a donor-advised fund

Choosing an asset allocation

Choosing new employee benefits

Choosing the best 529 plan

Cleaning up old accounts

Considering a cash balance plan

Considering a job change,

Contributing to Traditional IRAs

Determining how much risk to take

Taking out a doctor loan

Finding a new accountant

Finding a place for extra money

Rolling over an old 401(k)

Setting up a budget

Setting up a solo

401(k) for locums earnings

Setting up backdoor Roths

Shopping for disability insurance

Signing advanced directives

Navigating public service loan forgiveness (PSLF)

Picking funds for a 403(b)

Putting estates in a trust

Refinancing student loans

Transferring IRAs

Finding the right place to invest

Funding a trust account for kids

Getting a will in place

Getting ready to actually retire

Harvesting tax losses

Investing in a Health Savings Account (HSA)

Looking for tax breaks

Looking for tax efficient mutual funds

Managing 401(a) accounts

Maxing out profit-sharing plans

Monitoring investment returns

Moving to a better bank

Moving toward debt freedom

Signature Wealth Group, By The Numbers

signature Wealth Group by the numbers

Review our Physicians Goal Planning Report to quickly identify the unique threats to your income, assets, and livelihood.

We're here to help you navigate them.

Signature Wealth Strategies for Physicians