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we take planning a step further

One of the factors that many people don’t consider when planning for their retirement is longevity risk. Given the continued advances in medical technologies, we are living longer – which means we have a longer retirement. As you’d expect, we offer services for financial, estate, and investment planning, but that’s not all.

At Signature Wealth, not only do we take planning a step further, to include risk management and wellness planning, but we help you execute on everything. Our concierge-level clients also have access to:

  • The ability to settle and administer estates via Raymond James Trust Co.
  • Help navigating the complexities of Medicare to find the best plan for you
  • Secure online document storage for all of your important information
  • A variety of mortgage and lending options via Raymond James Bank
  • Specialized assistance for those with a difficult healthcare diagnosis
  • A high net-worth planning group for more complex cases
  • Protection from financial fraud and identity theft
  • Evaluation of in-home care options for seniors
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Raymond James is not affiliated with Pinnacle Care, Brookspire, Health Plan One, or Eversafe. Raymond James Trust N.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, Inc.

Comprehensive Planning

What is your ideal future? How do you define success? These questions, and many more, are part of our “A to B Planning Process,” a customized approach to help you connect your present to your future. Read more...


Portfolio Management

Work is stressful, regardless of industry.
Whether your current job involves a high level of risk or you just retired from that job, you already have enough worries in front of you. At Signature Wealth Strategies, we help you discover wise risks, the ones capable of achieving your financial goals. Read more...


Business Solutions

We understand what’s required to do what you do every day.
As entrepreneurs, we too experience the work and commitment necessary to be successful at your job. Running a business, managing inventory, exceeding customer expectations, and leading employees leaves little time or energy to focus on your personal goals. Read more...


Insurance Services

Remember that time your child broke an arm or sprained an ankle? Thankfully you had insurance to cover the doctor, hospital, and prescription bills. Can you imagine the financial burden of not having medical insurance during an event like that? You buy insurance to protect your family, your future, and your finances. Read more...

Managing Your Money Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

When you have a plan, you can make decisions confidently,
knowing that you're living your life intentionally.