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3 tax threats to your retirement and how to avoid paying too much

Keep Your Money: 3 Tax Threats to Your Retirement & How to Avoid Paying Too Much

Too often, we pay more taxes in retirement than expected because a confusing system treats various income types differently and contains hidden taxes and penalties. Many aspects of retirement will affect your tax bill in ways that are completely different from your working years. Understanding what these are, and how they can impact you, is absolutely crucial. We'll show you how to avoid paying too much in this complimentary seminar.

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On the first Tuesday of each month, we have office hours via Zoom at noon, and on the third Tuesday of each month, we will have office hours via Zoom in the evening, giving you more opportunity to join. We'll brief you on new and noteworthy items, introduce you to more of our team members, field any questions you have for us, and host an open discussion around financial planning and investing.

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