Ellen Forister, Signature Wealth Strategies

Ellen Forister, 

Executive Assistant, SWG
Marketing Associate, RJFS

How do you empower our team to do their best work and live their Signature lives?

I serve as an Executive Assistant and Marketing Associate for Signature Wealth Group. I support the leadership of our organization to ensure the overarching projects of the Marketing Department continue to move forward and the leaders have what they need in order to focus their time on business growth, client service and branch management.


What does your life look like outside of the office?

I live in Columbus, Indiana with my husband Taylor, my son Kaiden (8), and my daughter Reina (1.5). We love the diversity and vibrancy of our city and try to be as supportive and involved as we can be in community events and projects.

When we’re not working, we’re creating things with our hands. My family and I practice what we refer to as ‘modern self-sustainability’ involving everything from more traditional practices such as sewing clothing, growing our own food and building our own furniture to a more technologically innovative approach, such as 3D printing toys for our children or leveraging my husbands career as a robotic control systems engineer to program and automate some functions of our household. We enjoy finding unique ways to join these to concepts and viewpoints together, teaching our children there can be a balance between modern innovation and traditional self-sustainability. 


What can you tell us about your professional journey?

I began my professional career as the Executive Assistant to the CFO of Swifty Oil Co., Inc.. When it became clear that the company would be closing in the near future, I transitioned to a position as an Intake Specialist, answering the suicide/homicide crisis line for a non-profit community mental health facility for many years. Eventually I decided that I needed an opportunity where I could help people and be more immersed in business growth, without having a job that was so hard not to ‘bring home’. Not long after beginning to work for myself full-time, I was contracted by a client whom would later go on to introduce me to the team at Signature Wealth where I eventually had the opportunity to transition into a full-time role. I am currently in the final term of my Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management, after which I will continue immediately into a masters degree program. 




Ellen has a distinct dorky side and loves the television series The Office. In April 2019, she and her husband flew to California for a weekend to attend a live taping of the television show BattleBots. While there, Ellen tracked down the address of the building which was used as the set for The Office and went all the way there just to stand outside and take a selfie. Yeah, we don’t get it either…

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