Carson Munn, 

Relationship Manager, RJFS

How do you empower your clients to live their Signature Life?

One of the biggest questions we hear is, “Do I have enough?” As a Relationship Manager, I work closely with our clients to help them gain clarity on where they are now and where they’d like to be (their Signature Life) and then coordinate with our team to develop a strategy to help clients get from Point A to Point B.


What can you tell us about your professional journey?

I wanted to become an advisor for as long as I can remember because I love helping people. When I got to Clemson, it was an easy choice to study Financial Management. I spent my summers interning in the Florence and Greenville, SC Signature Wealth locations learning all areas of client service. When I graduated, I knew that Signature Wealth was where I wanted to build my career because of the amazing team and the clients we serve.

Managing Your Money Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

When you have a plan, you can make decisions confidently,
knowing that you're living your life intentionally.