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retirement remix featuring jill lewis

[ Podcast ] Defining The Retirement Remix with Jill Lewis

Join our host, Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS as he interviews our very-first Retirement Remix podcast guest, Jill Lewis, Chief Development Officer for Signature Wealth Strategies and Branch Associate with RJFS.  …

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Donor Advised Funds, Investing, Financial Planning, Giving, Charity, Signature Wealth Strategies, Florence, SC

11 Things to Know A Raymond James Donor-Advised Fund

What is a Raymond James Donor-Advised Fund, and why should you learn more about it as we head into the holidays and the most charitable time of the year? It’s important to do your research and know your options when…

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market update

Market Update November 2019

  My November market update has been a little slow to develop because, well, I’ve been waiting for things to develop. I really feel like I could photocopy last month’s update and send it back out. We’re still talking about…

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Diversification, Investing, Retirement, Returns, Dividends

Diversification: What It Is, Why It Is Important, and How You Can Stay Ahead of the Curve

Diversification in investing is simply having different investments that each reacts differently to the same economic event. In other words, it is the process by which one invests money in various entities to lessen the impact of market shifts or…

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Market Update

Market Update October 2019

  As the fourth quarter of 2019 began, volatility in financial markets has ticked up a little bit as worries seemed to intensify, then dissipate, only to have intensify again over a number of factors. Manufacturing has slowed, oil prices…

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Small Business & Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

What Is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and How Does It Impact Small Business Owners?

The last couple of years have seen Congress deadlocked about several issues, which has left the country frustrated. However, one major piece of legislation that was successfully passed in 2017 was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This law was…

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Market Update September 2019

  August lived up to its historic reputation as one of the worst-performing months of the year for the stock market, as the S&P 500 index fell by about 1.5% last month, basically erasing July’s gains. Interestingly, for as great…

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Work in Retirement, Signature Wealth Strategies Florence, SC

Not Ready to Fully Step Away? It’s Time to Consider Part-Time Work in Retirement

For many older workers, the prospect of retirement is lurking just around the corner, but there may be options, like part-time work, that you haven’t seriously considered. Maybe you’re excited about finally being able to have more time to accomplish…

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Market Update

Market Update August 2019

We got a break from tariff talk recently, but it was replaced by talk of the yield curve, unfortunately. The 2 are probably related, as concerns about tariffs, and Hong Kong, and Russia, have caused some stock owners to sell…

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Investing, invest, income, growth, capital, Signature Wealth Strategies Florence, SC

Set Yourself Up For Investing Success (Even If You’re Not Ready To Start Yet)

  If you’re not taking steps toward planning for your future, you may be shocked to learn that you’re already wasting valuable time. It’s never too early to start investing, but it’s also to easy to become complacent if you…

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Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, Coverage, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Signature Wealth Strategies Florence, SC

What You Need to Know About Property and Casualty Insurance (Before It’s Too Late)

Some people do not put insurance high on their priority list. For some, insurance is the first to get either cut down or eliminated entirely if finances get tight. But that is not a decision to be made without fully…

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Signature Wealth Market Update

Market Update – July 2019

  I hope you all had a nice time celebrating Independence Day last week. I suppose that’s sort of the unofficial “halftime” for summer, and for the year, too. With that in mind, I wanted to give you an update…

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Retirement, Location, Signature Wealth Strategies - Florence, SC

Your Retirement Location Is Critical to Your Financial Planning. Here’s Why:

Where you plan to live when you retire impacts a lot more than just the view you have beyond your kicked-up feet when relaxing. If you haven’t given some serious thought to this topic, we’re here to say: you should.…

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Student Loan, Debt, Signature Wealth Strategies - Florence SC

Simple Guidance for the Complex Decision of Student Loans

Scribbling your signature on a piece of paper (or sometimes even just clicking on a computer) to take out a student loan for college is an easy, fast process. Quite possibly, too quick and easy. Though simple to agree to,…

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signature wealth strategies market update

Market Update June 2019

After a relatively tough month in May, with the S&P 500 index down about 6.5%, we’ve had a dramatic reversal in June, gaining about 5% as of June 13th. As always, there’s no shortage of headlines, with oil tankers, China…

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Facing the Truth and Creating a Budget

An unfortunate reality is that many people do not have an accurate picture of their financial well-being. All too often it can be easy to fall victim to the mentality of not wanting to honestly analyze your financial decision-making and…

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market update

Market Update May 2019

  As I write this, the market is all over the place due to uncertainty of our trade agreements with China.  Terms were not met as of last night’s deadline, so additional tariffs will be imposed on imports from China. …

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Clear vision, financial plan, Signature Wealth Strategies Florence SC

6 Pillars on Which to Build Your Foundational, Clear Vision for Your Future (And Financial Success)

  It’s always great when you have a plan in motion. When individuals and families save for the future, no textbook method works for everyone. Be that as it may, it can be hard to find out how much you…

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