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Market Update

Post-Election Market Update November 2020

Election Day has come and gone (my house is pleasantly quiet now that the political calls have stopped coming in!) and, although the results aren’t completely in, we have a much better feel for what government will probably look like…

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maidenhair tree

Better Together: Essential Small Business Survival Tips for Right Now

The stunning beauty of a Maidenhair tree is matched only by its remarkable resilience to survive all sorts of environmental challenges that topple less hardy species. The tree agelessly defies strong winds, pollution, and drought. The secret of how a…

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signature wealth strategies market update

Market Update September 2020

There is a lot of buzz around IPOs recently, the initial public offering of privately held companies that are becoming publicly owned.  It reminds me a lot of the IPO heyday of the late 1990s, which proved to be the…

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social security myths

The Top 7 Social Security Myths (and How To Get the Most from Your Hard-Earned Benefits)

Social Security seems simple. But this retirement benefit is in fact quite nuanced, with many variables to consider–including when to start collecting, how to maximize your benefit, and what to do if you choose to go back to work.  Here,…

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Market Update August 2020

  Around my house, we’re starting to get ready–although very slowly–for the return to school for our kids.  We love summer, so it’s a bit sad that it’s coming to a close.  But, autumn is becoming my favorite season, since…

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retired woman

Why Rethinking Retirement Can Lead to a Healthier and Happier Life

Picture this… what’s the first thing that enters your mind with these words? Flower Friend Retirement Music Anyone can quickly imagine a flower, a friend or music. But, retirement? What does retirement look like?   Most of us think about retirement…

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Signature Wealth Market Update

Market Update July 2020

2020 is halfway over, and I hate to wish time away, but I think most folks are glad to see it over with. Remarkably, with all the turmoil, the S&P 500 closed out the first half with a loss of…

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small business owner

7 Critical Reasons a Financial Partner is the Key to Growth for Your Small Business

“Most small business owners decide to start a business because they love what they do. Typically, what they love doesn’t have anything to do with business tax structure, employee benefits, or employer regulations. I happen to love doing the things…

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market update stock charts

Market Update May 2020

  I’ve seen a lot in 27 years in the investment business, but I don’t recall anything like this. This was one of the fastest, if not THE fastest, bear market declines in history, followed by one of the fastest…

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Carla Souther Hauser financial services

Carla Souther Hauser Financial Services Joins Signature Wealth

Florence, SC – ​Signature Wealth Group (​an independent organization aligned with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC) ​has opened an additional office in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina that specializes in assisting long-term investors in creating comprehensive financial strategies. In early…

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Retirement Remix with Wes Gay

[ Podcast ] Seasons of Uncertainty, Side Hustle Advice, and a Real-life Approach to Retirement Planning, with Wes Gay

Join Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS as he interviews Wes Gay, CEO and Chief Guide of Wayfinder, a StoryBrand Certified Agency. Wes believes clarity is king. With it, he helps organizations reach…

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Market Update

Market Update April 2020

  Man, what a month! March came in like a bear, and went out like a bear. It was one of the most astounding and frustrating markets I have ever dealt with in 27 years as a financial advisor/investment officer.…

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retirement remix with gary england

[ Podcast ] Consulting in Retirement, When Leaving the Workforce Doesn’t Mean Quitting Work, With Gary England

Join Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS as he interviews Gary England, General Counsel and Human Resources Consultant.     Gary considers himself “an HR guy who went to law school”, rather than…

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A Crisis Is A Terrible Thing to Waste

I’ve been reading a book called, “The Road Less Stupid” by Keith J. Cunningham and the title of this blog is taken from one of his chapters. When I turned the page and saw those words, I had to stop…

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retirement remix feature with jay lavrinc

[ Podcast ] Embracing Change for Your Ideal Retirement With Jay Lavrinc

Join Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS, who is joined on this episode of The Retirement Remix Podcast by Jay Lavrinc, Director of Membership Relations at the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce in Florence, South…

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Signature Wealth Market Update

Market Update March 2020

    As I write this, the stock market has triggered a trading halt due to the poor opening trades on Monday. This doesn’t happen often, but the idea is to stop the mass-selling that is, in my opinion, often…

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Salary Negotiation, Signature Wealth Strategies, Florence, SC

6 Ways to Navigate Your Next Salary Negotiation with Ease

Salary negotiations can feel stressful. For many people, the idea of barging into a manager’s office and demanding a raise inspires a wide range of conflicting emotions, from fear to hope and everything in between. While many workers would like…

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retirement remix feature with nancy waring cpa

[ Podcast ] Tax Planning on the Journey to Retirement with Nancy Waring

Join Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS as he interviews Nancy Waring, CPA, and President of Waring & Associates in Florence, South Carolina. Nancy is a 1975 Auburn University graduate, receiving a Bachelor of Science…

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