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Why Not You? Why Not Now? Stop Settling and Start Living Your Signature Life

  It was another cold morning in December. I drove down Irby Street on my way to work at a local middle school, for what must’ve been the 80th time. This time though, something was different. As I passed by…

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retirement remix feature with angie ward

[ Podcast ] Living With Intention and Utilizing Your Finances to Make a Bigger Impact With Angie Ward

Join Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS, as he interviews Angie Ward. Angie is a leadership professor and author living in Greenwood, Indiana. Angie and her husband, Dave, have always believed in being…

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market update

Market Update February 2020

January reintroduced volatility to the stock market, as concerns of the coronavirus caused investors to rethink their positions. It is becoming more apparent that the disruption caused by the virus (factory shutdowns, travel bans, etc.) may cause a reduction of…

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retirement remix feature james logan

[ Podcast ] Creating a Career That Never Feels Like ‘Work’ with Jim Logan

Join Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS as he interviews James ‘Jim’ Logan, a long-time friend, and man that truly embodies how to identify, chase and live your unique ‘Retirement Remix.’ Jim has…

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SECURE Act, Signature Wealth Strategies, Florence, SC

The SECURE Act and You: 6 Ways It Impacts the Individual Investor

We believe it’s of critical importance that you stay informed of any key changes that may affect your retirement and estate planning – in easy-to-understand language. In alignment with this belief, please feel welcome to review the following information on…

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retirement remix feature ken ard

[ Podcast ] Preparing for Uncertainty – From Politics to Public Radio with Ken Ard

In this episode of The Retirement Remix Podcast, host Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS connects with Ken Ard, former Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina and current radio host on Wake Up Carolina.…

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1040 tax form

Tax Season 2019 Is Here: This Is What You Need to Know

  January not only marks the beginning of a new year (or sometimes even a whole new decade), but also starts a season of feverish paperwork gathering and appointment setting in preparation for the quickly approaching tax filing deadlines. Curious…

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signature wealth strategies market update

Market Update January 2020

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were great! The investment team at Signature Wealth was busy working on your behalf, trying to close out a successful 2019. We did what we could to mitigate capital gains, but there were…

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Retirement Remix Podcast 002_Tim Norwood

[ Podcast ] Non-Retirement and the Serial Entrepreneur with Tim Norwood

Join Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS as he interviews Tim Norwood, Executive Vice President of Sales and Governmental Relations at Synergi Partners and the owner of Victor’s Bistro, an upscale local bistro…

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Avoid Financial Mistakes, Signature Wealth Strategies, Florence, SC

Avoid These 4 Financial Planning Pitfalls To Step It Up

  Financial success is all about intention and, you guessed it, planning. All too often, people simply do not give enough consideration to not only create an initial vision and plan but ensuring to revise that vision and strategy as…

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retirement remix featuring jill lewis

[ Podcast ] Defining The Retirement Remix with Jill Lewis

Join our host, Chip Munn, CEO of Signature Wealth Group and Senior Wealth Advisor with RJFS as he interviews our very-first Retirement Remix podcast guest, Jill Lewis, Chief Development Officer for Signature Wealth Strategies and Branch Associate with RJFS.  …

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Donor Advised Funds, Investing, Financial Planning, Giving, Charity, Signature Wealth Strategies, Florence, SC

11 Things to Know A Raymond James Donor-Advised Fund

What is a Raymond James Donor-Advised Fund, and why should you learn more about it as we head into the holidays and the most charitable time of the year? It’s important to do your research and know your options when…

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market update

Market Update November 2019

  My November market update has been a little slow to develop because, well, I’ve been waiting for things to develop. I really feel like I could photocopy last month’s update and send it back out. We’re still talking about…

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Diversification, Investing, Retirement, Returns, Dividends

Diversification: What It Is, Why It Is Important, and How You Can Stay Ahead of the Curve

Diversification in investing is simply having different investments that each reacts differently to the same economic event. In other words, it is the process by which one invests money in various entities to lessen the impact of market shifts or…

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Market Update

Market Update October 2019

  As the fourth quarter of 2019 began, volatility in financial markets has ticked up a little bit as worries seemed to intensify, then dissipate, only to have intensify again over a number of factors. Manufacturing has slowed, oil prices…

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Small Business & Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

What Is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and How Does It Impact Small Business Owners?

The last couple of years have seen Congress deadlocked about several issues, which has left the country frustrated. However, one major piece of legislation that was successfully passed in 2017 was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This law was…

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Market Update September 2019

  August lived up to its historic reputation as one of the worst-performing months of the year for the stock market, as the S&P 500 index fell by about 1.5% last month, basically erasing July’s gains. Interestingly, for as great…

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Work in Retirement, Signature Wealth Strategies Florence, SC

Not Ready to Fully Step Away? It’s Time to Consider Part-Time Work in Retirement

For many older workers, the prospect of retirement is lurking just around the corner, but there may be options, like part-time work, that you haven’t seriously considered. Maybe you’re excited about finally being able to have more time to accomplish…

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