A Constant Commitment

A Constant Commitment

Jill Lewis Finds Both Community and Purpose in Her Relationship with McLeod

Jill Lewis has given of her time, talent, and treasure to the McLeod Health Foundation for two decades. But her relationship with McLeod goes back much further.

Originally from New York City, Jill moved to Florence in 1970 from Fort Lee, New Jersey. Looking for a way to give back to her new community, Jill served as a Candy Striper, a young hospital volunteer that worked alongside nursing staff and, in that era, wore a distinctive red and white striped uniform.

These early years of volunteerism formed an enduring bond between Jill and McLeod. Jill saw every day how important the hospital is to the patients of this region.

“McLeod is a blessing to this area,” Jill explained. “It is a constant in this community and has always strived to take the care of others to the largest scale possible. Helping advance that work became imperative to me.”

As her ties with McLeod grew stronger, Jill and her husband, Dr. Joe Lewis, a retired oral surgeon, would expand their participation to help McLeod flourish. For many years, they have been active members of multiple McLeod Foundation groups, including McLeod Fellows and McLeod Angels, and Joe’s service on the McLeod Men Advisory Committee. Their increased involvement has inspired generous financial support of numerous McLeod Foundation initiatives.

“I love being an advocate for McLeod in the community,” Jill explained. “It has given me an opportunity to spread the word of the excellent care McLeod provides to others.”

Jill’s philanthropic relationship with the Foundation has seen her support cancer services, cardiovascular services, hospice, and other areas. While each of these causes resonate with Jill personally, she is quick to point out that she simply wants to help where the need is greatest.

“I have not needed specific reasons to give,” Jill explained. “I have just always wanted to contribute to worthy causes, and McLeod has consistently been that choice for me.”

Jill will also tell you that over her long relationship with McLeod, the blessings have flowed both ways – that serving others by volunteering at McLeod and supporting the McLeod Foundation has enriched her life as well.

“McLeod has increased my capacity to care for others by giving me the opportunity to help them,” Jill reflected. “It has truly made me a better person.”

This article was originally published by www.mcleodfoundation.org. Visit www.mcleodfoundation.org to learn more about the McLeod Foundation.


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