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Signature Wealth Strategies is a wealth management practice serving families like yours in the Carolinas. 

Get The Support You Need To

build the life you want

Without enough support, making decisions about money can be stressful, uncertain, and overwhelming. Where do you start? What options are right for you? Does your current financial plan consider everything you really need? You don’t just need a financial plan; we believe you need the right plan for you. At Signature Wealth Strategies, our financial advisors meet you where you’re at and focus in on your goals.

Young Family-Signature Wealth Strategies

If you are a young family or professional looking to build a strong financial foundation, set big life goals, and start creating real long-term wealth, here are some things we would like to discuss and work through with you:

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Custom financial planning

Debt repayment strategies

Rent vs. buy and mortgage review

401k investment review

Insurance coverage review

Tax savings strategies

If you are planning for retirement, having saved and invested over the duration of your career, and need to be certain you have enough money to support your family and lifestyle through retirement, we’ll discuss these crucial pieces of your retirement plan:

Your signature life plan

Retirement and lifestyle planning

Annuities and retirement income

Investment portfolio analysis

Senior and long-term care

Estate and legacy planning

Retiree-Siganture Wealth Strategies

Signature Wealth Strategies

We Aren't Just Financial Advisors

We're parents, children, community leaders & entrepreneurs.

We understand your goals because we have them too. Collectively, our advisors have more than 200 years of financial services experience and have worked with families and entrepreneurs across the country to develop plans to help reach their life goals and grow their businesses. When our custom planning process is layered with concierge-level support, we help empower our clients to live life intentionally, what we call a Signature Life.


Here's How It Works

You simply click to schedule a complimentary consult call with an advisor where we'll determine if our services are a fit for you. Next we'll set a discovery meeting in our local office to determine what you want to accomplish and how we can get you there. Click the images to the right for more details on our execution process.

Everyone wants to feel confident, particularly when it comes to their financial future. After you've developed a strategy to build and preserve your wealth, you can live with the confidence that comes from making decisions that follow a systematic approach specifically tailored for your life.

Get a detailed evaluation, professional guidance, and support to set yourself up for success.


Consult Call

Schedule a 15-minute call with one of our advisors to discuss your financial goals.


Discovery Meeting

Meet with an advisor in our downtown Florence office to assess your current reality and get your arms around where you are right now. You'll learn where your money is and where it goes.


Define Your Financial and Life Goals

We’ll ask thoughtful questions and will help uncover potential issues you may not have considered to help you define your financial and life goals, in real simple terms.


Align Your Life and Wealth

Having clearly defined what's important to you, we'll work with you to create and implement a strategy to move you forward. This is your Signature Life Plan. 


Manage Your Wealth

We'll manage your assets and monitor your wealth as it grows. We keep our finger on the pulse with a proactive strategy that helps keep you one step ahead.

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Managing Your Money

Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

We take great pride in seeing our clients spending their time and money doing the things they love. When you have a plan, you can make decisions confidently, knowing that you're living your life intentionally.